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List of issues > Series «Political Science and Religion Studies». 2020. Vol. 32

The Peculiarities of Eurasian Network Warfare Model

L. Yu. Medovkina

The article considers the Eurasian model of network warfare, its characteristics and features. The purpose of this work is to study the Eurasian network model, its main features, and how successfully it is able to wage network wars under the conditions of unfolding network confrontation. The main objectives of the research are to analyze the conceptual foundations of network wars and provide a historical retrospective of the development of this theory. Examining the theories of Dugin A. G. and Panarin I. N., who are main theoreticians of the Russian network theory, is a particular task. The study contains an introduction providing a brief overview of the theory of network warfare in historical retrospective, a main part giving an accurate analysis of the Eurasian network warfare model, and conclusions presenting main results of the study, as well as the list of sources and references. According to the study, the main feature of the Eurasian model is its focus on cultural and civilizational foundations. Its task is not just to resist the Atlanticist network, but rather to spread the ideas of Eurasianism popularizing this ideology and, thus, building allies. In addition, the Eurasian model of network warfare, owing to its basic values and untapped potential, has a chance to become a fundamental concept in the system of international relations in the long run.

About the Authors

Medovkina Lina Yuryevna, Candidate of Sciences (History), Associate Professor, Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy, Faculty of History, Donetsk National University, 24, Universitetskaya st., Donetsk, 83001, Ukraine, e-mail: MedovkinaL@gmail.com

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Medovkina L.Yu. The Peculiarities of Eurasian Network Warfare Model. The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University. Series Political Science and Religion Studies, 2020, vol. 32, pp. 7-19. https://doi.org/10.26516/2073-3380.2020.32.7 (in Russian)

USA, Russia, network war, cyber war, geopolitics, society, information aggression, information confrontation
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