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List of issues > Series «Political Science and Religion Studies». 2019. Vol. 27

The United States of America after the Second World War: Lost Opportunities or Democracy Boundaries?

A. V. Shalak

The main reasons of the American policy change have been determined. They are the American elite response to the conversion, American marketing outlet limitation, monopoly in nuclear weapon possession, supporting military lobby, public conscience influenced by wartime. Roosevelt’s death became a bifurcation point of these processes. From the author’s point of view, American elite didn’t shift away from the President Truman’s policy during the post-war period. The USA is currently going to solve its internal challenges by redesigning capitalist system for the purpose of keeping dominant position and minimizing loss. The post-war evolution of the USA policy points to the rupture with the republican tradition and demonstrates the democracy boundaries on the way of breaking this historical deadlock.

About the Authors

Shalak Alexandr Vasilievich, Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor, Head, Department of History and International Relatio, Baikal State University, 11, Lenin st., Irkutsk, 664003, Russian Federation, tel. 8(3952)500005, e-mail: Shalakav@bgu.ru

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Shalak A. V. The United States of America after the Second World War: Lost Opportunities or Democracy Boundaries? The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University. Series Political Science and Religion Studies. 2019, vol. 27, pp. 37-47. https://doi.org/10.26516/2073-3380.2019.27.37 (in Russian)

USA, conflict, political transformation, political elite
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