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List of issues > Series «Political Science and Religion Studies». 2018. Vol. 26

The Analysis of Regional Integration Entities with the Help of Structural and Functional Approach: Capabilities and Limitations

B. V. Grachev

This article presents the analysis of the possibility to apply main principles of structural functionalism towards the study of regional integration entities. The author has outlined the limits of the existing approaches and proposed an analytical model of political system of integration blocks based on the advantages of structural functionalism. The model reflects the multilevel structure of complicated political processes in integration blocks and reveals functional interdependency among them. The author has shown the advantages of the suggested approach and specified its limits. Research findings contribute to the development of the methodology of integration processes analysis and comparative political science. The research gives way to new tools for investigating sustainability of supranational political actors.

About the Authors

Grachev Bogdan Valerievich, Junior Research Scientist, Institute of Philosophy RAS, 12/1, Goncharnaya st., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation, tel.: 8(985)2289097, e-mail: BogdanGrachev@gmail.com

For citation

Grachev B. V. The Analysis of Regional Integration Entities with the Help of Structural and Functional Approach: Capabilities and Limitations. The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University. Series Political Science and Religion Studies. 2018, vol. 26, pp. 21-36. https://doi.org/10.26516/2073-3380.2018.26.21 (in Russian)

political system of regional integration entities, structural and functional research of integration entities analysis, methods of integration studies, regional integration studies, multilevel governance theory
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