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List of issues > Series «Political Science and Religion Studies». 2018. Vol. 23

A Prefigurative Aspect of Political Socialization of Modern Youth and Its Features

I. V. Kirdjashkin
The article aims at examining features of prefiguration manifestation as compelled independence of choice of meanings and values of the political world by modern youth in the process of political socialization. The author focused on studying conditions and forms of manifestation of prefiguration as the phenomenon generated by modern change of values, public communication meanings and the political world. In this respect riskogenics, defined by a risk taking culture phenomenon, is viewed as a basic context of display prefiguration manifestation in the context of political culture. Riskogenics reveals dichotomy: fear of taking risk leading to conservatism of understanding of political culture, and risk proneness. It embodies tendencies of formation of a “risk taking person” model. It tends to infringe and transform sociopolitical norm. It introduces the phenomenon of normal anomie, which means involving, testing, realizing new knowledge, skills, acquired practices, and makeshift acts as a way to interpret political culture. This institutionalizes political, economic activities of riskogenics character, civil initiatives, riskogenics political sentiments, and makes political socialization of youth unpredictable. To resist this process it is necessary to develop programs, symbolic constructs of the future connecting meanings and values of generations, expressing their deep moods and at the same time showing their new integration character, «liberating» and uniting age and cultural difference of modern society as preventive measures aimed at decreasing riskonecis of political processes.
For citation:
Kirdjashkin I.V. A Prefigurative Aspect of Political Socialization of Modern Youth and its Features. The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University. Series Political Science and Religion Studies. 2018, vol. 23, pp. 32-38. https://doi.org/10.26516/2073-3380.2018.23.32 (in Russian)
prefiguration, political socialization of youth, youth, modern youth

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